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Canva Shyt You Should Know: Beginner's Edition

Go from frustrated & confused to designing with confidence

The Canva Goal

I completely understand you want to use Canva for designing but, you just can't seem to get it! I was just like you when I started using Canva in 2019. Lost, Frustrated & Confused. No worries I got you boo! I will show you just how easy Canva is to design in.

We will go from the basics and work our way up.

By the end of this class, you will be able to navigate Canva and design comfortably from start to finish.

Class Outline

In this class we will cover:

  1. Mental Mindset: Throwing the fear of Canva out the window
  2. Canva Basics: What is Canva & what it can do for you
  3. Canva Tools: Let Canva work for you
  4. Back to the Basics: Starting from scratch
  5. Canva Quick Tips: Canva Shyt You Should Know
  6. Design Time: Let's create that design

Bonus included:

3 Canva Editable Template Bundle &

Prerecording of LIVE Class

Lifetime Class Access

We learned how to:

Do a Blurry glass effect post

Blur photo background

Face retouch

Turn a picture into a painting effect

Use frames

Use grids

Create our brand kit

Upload fonts

Upload pictures, videos & more with computer/phone

Rename a design

Use guides & rulers

Use margins

Use print bleed

Add audio to your design

And so much more!!

Canva Class

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